Don’t Touch my Hair!

Hellooooooo Everyone!!! I’m back at it again with yet ANOTHER POST! I’m so excited about this week’s post as it’s something I’m so passionate about! Well I hope you guys dig it and remember to Like, Comment, and Share (oh and subscribe of course). With that being said let’s get this show on the roll!

“Don’t touch my hair, when it’s the feelings I wear”. Solange Knowles said it best y’all…but what did she mean when she said that? Sis is telling us that we shouldn’t let anyone judge us by our hair when it’s our feelings within that really matter. Also, as a side note for anyone who does not know who Solange is (or has been totally living under a rock) she is Beyoncé’s little sister, who is literally amazing. After reading this post y’all should definitely check out her music! Trust me your ears will thank you!

Sorry, I’m done fan-girling lol but the point I was trying to make is that life is too short to be worrying about your hair. Please do not allow yourself to compare yourself to the next girl. So, what if her hair is straight!?!? You’re kinky locs of love are what really steal the show! Your hair is your personal crown that has been fit uniquely for only you! My people of color, our hair is truly amazing…it is the only hair texture that has the ability to defy gravity! Embrace your roots and love what God had blessed you with!!!!

Ok now let’s talk products and shrinkage. The shrinkage is oh so very real lol.

My hair will go from this….

To thissssss…

In a blink of an eye *smacks head*! But hey notice in both pictures I am still smiling. Although, shrinkage is quite discouraging, (especially when you’ve spent long grueling hours trying to get that sh*t to stretch), you cannot subject yourself to depression over your hair! Sometimes, all you need is the right product for your hair to get it the way you want it! My tip is to look for products without sulfates! Sulfate is like kryptonite to black hair, meaning it will dry your hair OUT! And if the cost of products is an issue, good old homemade remedies (you can find all over google) will also suffice!

At the end of the day don’t let your hair become your enemy! It’s only hair lol! If the styling process upsets you just take a breather, put that bonnet on, and continue with it later. Let those fingers rest 😂.

Remember no one can “touch” your hair. Everyone’s roots are created differently and yours were made uniquely for you!

Alright that sums up today’s blog guys! I wanna know what you guys are thinking so remember to comment below! Be blessed…Kay’s Out! 😘


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  1. Miranda says:

    We, especially females, get so caught up in comparisons. Girls with curly hair wish it was straight. Straight haired girls wish it was curly. The grass is always greener. I love the message ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kay_Writes says:

      Awww thanks Miranda ❤️


  2. Zed says:

    Great post I don’t have much to say because ima male lol but yea don’t compare yours to anyone else make your own style make people copy you


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