Dark Places

Dang it’s Wednesday already ?!? Crazy how fast the week goes when your having “sooo much fun” …SIKE this week has been terribly slow ..for me at least. Ok onwards to this week’s post.

Dark places…what in the world is Kerera about to talk about. I’m referring to those moments when you feel at your absolute worst. The moments where you feel like your world is crashing at your feet. THE MOMENTS WHEN YOU SIMPLY START CRYING FOR NO REASON! It’s like we go from being full of euphoria to being full of sorrow. I have said this many times before but Depression is real out here people! You could look someone right in the eye and think they’ve got it made, but in reality that same person could be going home to kill their self. Friends look out for your friends! No one wants to be in that dark place. Don’t blow them off! Don’t assume that they are happy if they smile to your face. A smile can be the biggest lie the human face can possess. It’s literally a mask that you put on in the morning to get you through the day. Idk about you but that gets exhausting! Eventually, that mask starts to wither away over time and it has no meaning anymore.

I am a product of Depression. I cry for no reason like everyday. I’m never truly happy. My mask has been broken and my smile hides the pain I possess. I’m constantly stuck in a dark place. I try so hard to pull myself out of the dark place but there’s always something pulling at my ankles. My goal is to bring awareness to others because I don’t want anyone to feel this excruciating pain that I hold in my heart on a daily. This is probably the realest I will ever be in my posts and this is my truth. Thank you all for reading….Be blessed…Kay’s Out.

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  1. Jimmy says:

    Great Wednesday post!
    Don’t ever feel alone I’m always here for you no matter! Depression is real and can take over your mind just keep your mind out that dark place and think positive! Listen to positive music from your favorite musical artist the gym helps fight that a lot. Don’t go to that dark place. And yes putting on a smile gets very old but someday you’ll have on a real smile everyday and inspire others smiling at others helps us allot and can make some one day better. Keep up the posts keep writing.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kay_Writes says:

      Wow thank you 🙏🏾 i appreciate you taking the time out to comment . Love this


  2. Jacqueline Watkins says:

    I m glad that u write down your feelings… It takes courage to admit how u really feel inside…Just kno that u are loved by us all and I’m here for anytime u need me…Aunt Jackie😘


    1. Kay_Writes says:

      Thank you so much 🙏🏾


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