Why does MY weight matter?

Hey everyone! I’ve been so eager about this Wednesday’s post. This is probably going to be one of my touchier subjects. So, let’s get started shall we…

So, anyone that knows me also knows that I’m a health fanatic…gym freak…etc. But anyone who REALLY knows me, knows that my weight or my appearance is something I’m sensitive about. Yes, my dears, I have terrible insecurities about myself. My posts in the past might say otherwise right?  I’m always one to give the advice and be that life coach to someone who might need it. What about me and my issues? Where’s my shoulder to lean on? Who can I cry to? Who am I kidding? Honestly, I probably wouldn’t lean on anybody’s shoulder if it were staring me right in my face.

Sorry, I got a little off topic there. In any event, the topic that has been oh so heavy on my mind is weight. Weight loss, weight gain, plateau weight. ALL OF IT. Guess what? No matter what your weight is doing, it shouldn’t matter! Listen ladies and gents buy that outfit you are skeptical of wearing! You oversee your own body. No one else’s opinions should matter! Which brings me to my next point. All week, I’ve been seeing tweets or Facebook/Insta posts from my friends, about family members or “friends” making snide remarks about their appearance. I couldn’t relate more. Why does MY weight matter to you? It astounds me that the ones who are supposed to be your backbone can slowly cripple you. I don’t care what anyone says a comment about your weight from your parents HURTS. They are supposed to be the ones you go to when you aren’t feeling your best but meanwhile some tend to tear you down to your worst (without even knowing it). Then on top of that they get mad when you try to express your feelings to them. They think your “getting smart”. Me expressing myself to you should be something you’d want from me. If you are a parent, please I beg listen to your kids. They are not always “getting smart”. We have the right to voice our opinion. Voicing opinions show strength and leadership allow us to mature in some way. Trust me our intentions are not with malice. With that being said, parents…friends…associates…please leave us to worry about our own weight. Our own hair. Our own skin. We love you but keep your comments to yourself. We got this.

I hope this wasn’t offensive to anyone. That’s not my intentions at all. My intentions are to share my thoughts and views with the world without hate. I love you guys. Be blessed… Kay’s Out.  P.s sorry this post was shorter lol your girl gotta get ready for work in the a.m. ok BYEE!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Great post tonight great topic a lot of people should read this one really. Don’t let others opinion hurt you. I don’t care what anyone thinks About me ima always be the same person no matter how I look or dress. Keep up with the weekly posts!

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  2. Dad says:

    I love you no matter what

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