Dieting and Why the Hell Is It So Hard?

Dieting…ohhhhh Dieting so much I have to say about you lol.  Well for those who don’t know (which is most of you), last year I lost about 31 pounds. Yayyyy meee right? NO WRONG! Once I began my job at the courthouse, I started to feel lazier and more fatigued. So guess what I did? Ate out more…made no effort to meal prep, totally forgetting how happy the gym made me feel. I kept telling myself to do better tomorrow, and tomorrow ended up being a year and I packed on 10 fresh pounds ***smacks head***. You’re probably thinking, “10 lbs that’s nothing…. Or the most famous line, “ can lose that in no time”. WELL FELICIA YOU’RE ABSOLUTELY WRONGGGGGG! Definitely could’ve said that with less caps..sorry for being rude lol.

But in any event, I became seriously depressed and blamed my job for how I started to look. Until one day I decided to turn a new leaf and begin..DUN..DUN..DUNNNNN DIETING! THE WORD OF THE DAY HAS BEEN REVEALED!!!! Guys seriously, if I had a quarter for every diet that I’ve tried I’d be Bill Gates outchea. In all realness though dieting is legit hard..especially when those stupid cravings start to creep up on you like the Devil. I would wonder day and night why the weight wasn’t shedding. Why couldn’t I have that Kylie Jenner body? I would ask these questions to myself all while chomping down on a “Love It” sized ice cream from ColdStone ***smacks head AGAIN***.

Enough is enough! I began to do my research on dieting and the first thing I looked up was “Why in the world is dieting SOOO hard”.  The reasoning behind this is because the brain and the stomach often disagree on what we should eat. We as humans are so conditioned to be obsessed with the sweet sweet flavors of junk food. Junk food is literally drugs lol! That’s why it takes the maximum amount of effort to put down the big bag of potato chips from the back of your pantry. Our tongues and our brains work hand in hand to produce cravings. Think about your favorite food for instance…Why is that your favorite food? Because you became infatuated with the sensations brought upon by the flavor of that specific food and it stimulated a memory in which your brain and tongue became connected. Get the picture?

So, after doing my vast amount of research, I came up with the conclusion to trick my tongue. What does that mean? Basically, it is something I came up with to get my body to believe that I was still eating junk food. I know! I know! Sounds crazy right? But it works! In these past few weeks, I’ve been getting in the habit of using my favorite seasonings on my least favorite foods (in moderation of course). Guys, I already lost about 5lbs alone by doing this! I am genuinely proud of myself!  I learned to put the potato chips down and pick the carrot sticks up! In closing I want to say don’t feel obligated or pressured to do this method of healthy eating. This is something that works for me and I just thought someone else might benefit from this advice themselves!

Definitely comment below if you guys have any questions or just wanna show some love!!! Love you all..Be Blessed..Kay’s Out!


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  1. Antonio says:

    Keep up the hard work at the gym and eating right. Remember everything is good at moderation. You can have that juice or French fry, just at moderation. And remember your beautiful no matter what ; skinny fat tall short. Just think of losing weight and having better eating habits as a better/healthy lifestyle and not just for beauty thinking you’ll look better from you dropping weight because that’s when your gonna shoot yourself in the foot and get angry with yourself when you don’t see any results right away.

    Live your best life you have one life. Have fun at the gym eat healthy and fatty live it up.

    I hope my post sounds good keep up the hard work

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  2. Dad says:

    Keep up the good work .


  3. Monique Willis says:

    I’m so proud of you my love! I always thought you were beautiful, but your dedication and hard work will definitely pay off! ❤️

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