Who Am I?

Hey guys ! Thanks for giving my blog a visit I genuinely appreciate the support. Well you’re probably wondering “Who is this chick” or maybe you don’t care it’s ok lol but my name is Lakerera (lah-keer-ah) Little…commonly known as Kay or Kerera. I’m pretty much your average 23 year old girl trying to figure out her place in the world Lol. I have always had a passion for writing and I wanted to take it up in college but you guys know how strict parents can be, “hOw dO yOu ExPeCt tO pAy ThE BillS BeiNg aN EnGlish MaJor” Ugh Barf! But in any event my blog has no limits. I will be blogging things about almost anything going on in today’s society! Well I hope you all enjoy and please subscribe. See you later Loves ❤


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